HIGHTEC ATF CVT Automatic Transmission Fluids (ATF) Gear Oils, Central Hydraulic. and Steering Fluids Petaling Jaya (PJ), Selangor, Malaysia. Suppliers, Supplies, Supplier, Supply | Racing Tech Lubricants Sdn Bhd
High-Performance ATF based on the latest generation of HC synthesis basestocks. Specifically developed for use in modern CVTs (CVT= Continuous Variable Transmission) as per manufacturer's instructions.

Additionally this product is recommended when the following filling instructions are required:

Audi/VW TL 52 180 (G 052 180) / TL 52 516 (G052 516)
BMW/Mini (EZL799)
Daihatsu TC/Amix CVTF-DC/-DFE
Dodge/Jeep NS-2/CVTF+4
Ford (CVT23/30) MERCON C
Honda HMMF/HFC-2
Kia/Hyundai CVTF
MB 236.20
Mitsubishi DiaQueen NS-2/CVT Fluid J1/J4
Nissan NS-2/-3
Toyota TC
Subaru NS-2/Lineatronic CVTF
Suzuki TC/NS-2/CVT Green 1/2

Art. Nr.: 25055

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